get a grip


1. I’m actually putting myself under probation in my social networking-related law so i can concentrate in 2 months PNLE review, and obviously not obeying it. Everyday in the review center i post something in front my desk to remind me to stay strong and carry on.


… found tis on my…

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Time flies so fast. Our one and only baby princess is turning into a lady. 


you have the same perfume as my co-trainee. I sprayed some in my hanky and shoved it down my back pockets so it’s closer to my ass.

My cogs aren’t working much these days due to my hectic RNship sched in the hospital. My body is slow in getting accustomed to the rigors and stress of hormone-rattling shifts that off duties are good enough for rest— which I may have realised toils me very much as well. I’m so happy i composed a poem in a day because i was so inpired by something i experience not very often in my talented smell-capturing capabilities.I may not have to worry on my literary cogs stopping but my own tally of memories to reread in the future. This is cheesy ^^
1. I can’t understand why I act so anhedonic in front of not-really-strangers but acquaintances. Like it is my natural impulse to combat strangers with strange facial affect and an awkward smile. This normally happens when my anti-social split self is up against a vocal and talkative person. I chose not to take on anything. I’m sorry. I’m so bad at judging, but I do it anyway .
2. Is it possible for a nurse and a PGI to keep each others feelings to themselves or the other one letting his go down the drain or pounded by a pestle or the other not having anything at all?
3. Game of Thrones Season 4 in April 26!!!
4. I wish I could empty my heart for a time allowing to be dried out from it so I can write poems about sunny weather and stone cracks. So I could filter you. So I could filter the bitterness that pulsates in my veins. Keep bleeding loves!

the hunt


It’s your scent your noiseless presence

in the air it dwells

gliding through my nose

my bloodhound nose

I keep following it

teasing me. 

where’s does it come from

are you here

or there in our broken past

I lost your scent

gone in two heartbeats

back then they race

stronger as we perspired. . 

I tried sniffing my fingers

I tried sniffing someone’s back

the desk, the medtray, the cefepime cap

I sniffed it all

just alcohol

I gave up the hunt

and bother no more

the air carries many mixed insults

in your breath in the morning

from things you finally let go

sweet in strands 

the nectar in your neck

I kissed with caution

I nipped with passion

I went home, rode the jeepney

it pricked me sudden 

in gauge less than thirty

my nose upturned, my ears went up

im sure of that

it sprang out there, in a fabric of blue

he wears you strong and true

as you have always been his

and never my bliss.

in a casual tumblr abstinence. 

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We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.

(Source: risesoftheguardians)